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The Volkswagen car show this past weekend was so amazing!

Man I had a blast! Everyone was friendly and very cordial. I was the only African American entrepreneur selling original product in there, but that's cool it made me standout. It was more of a teaching experience than actually selling my waterless car wash. Let me explain what I mean by a teaching experience. As I reflect on the various conversations that I was blessed to engage in, here is one that stands out. A gentleman, who shall remain anonymous, owns a 1986 VW Love Bug (Sahara desert tan) approach me and asked if I could really clean his filthy VW (according to car show standards).

I laughed hysterically and said let me show you how I can do it in a matter of minutes. As I began to spray the car using my waterless car wash a crowd began to form around me. I could hear the audience gasping, oohing, and aweing as I did my thing. It only took me five minutes to get the vehicle back to show room presentation level. The owner of the vehicle was so amazed and astound at how quickly my product could get the job done that he purchased four cases of waterless wash. Each case was on sale for $150.

Visit my online shop to purchase your waterless car wash today! As the day proceeded the gentleman setup in the booth next to me was a representative of Moto Sport. He was also astound at my product that he wanted to introduced me to the Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, and Ferrari clubs.

How Team Beast Mode Prep Cars for a Car Show!

Step 1: Hand wash the vehicle thoroughly (be sure to use aggressive car soap to ensure that all contaminants are removed). When washing the vehicle use two hand mittens. One will be used for the car and the second for rims. During this process avoid using a circular motion. The appropriate method is to use a vertical or horizontal direction.

Step 2: Rinse and clay bar the vehicle. Remember to keep the vehicle wet during this process. Clay bar is used to safely remove any abrasives from the clear coat.

Step 3: Dry the vehicle using a shammy cloth.

Step 4: Using a compressor blow the excess water from door handles, mirrors, gas tank, lights, emblems, and etc.

Step 5: Using a wet wax of your choice, hand wax the entire the vehicle including rims (chrome or alloy). When applying wet wax allow the product to sit on the vehicle for at least 24 hours. Remove the wax using a micro fiber towel.

Step 6: Buff the vehicle using a wool towel.

Step 7: For regular maintenance and touch ups use Prince Waterless Car Wash.

Continue to follow my blog to receive updates and adventures from future car shows. Visit our online store to purchase your own Prince Waterless Car Wash. To schedule a car show detailing session click this link

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